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One Mike In The Community

Comedy can play an important role in challenging people to address critical social issues, that’s why here at One Mike Detroit we want to reach beyond the stage to become an active participant in our community. Making an impact on the metro Detroit community is important to us. One Mike Detroit has two outreach initiatives that address the specific and multi-faceted issues of metro Detroiters most in need.

Stand Up For:
YouthEconomic JusticeHealthEducation

In an effort to raise awareness and funds for important social issues, One Mike Detroit, LLC has developed a multi-cause campaign called, Stand Up For. Together with local and national comedians, the goals for the campaign are to spotlight causes that are most important to our comedy family and deliver much needed resources by establishing meaningful connections between the comedians and the organizations they choose to support. We do this by focusing on four pillars of advocacy: youth, health, economic justice, and education. Each year we select four (4) comedians to serve as our Cause Ambassadors and we help support their efforts by developing a year-long social media campaign as well as hosting an annual fundraiser to raise funds for their special cause. Our 2023 Cause Ambassadors are below:


2023 Cause Ambassador: CoCo

Founded by comedian CoCo in 2009, CoCo’s House is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that focuses on anti-bullying; conflict resolution, and peer mediation. The objective is to use comedy and humor as a method to promote critical yet healthy dialog among young people between the ages of 13-18.

Economic Justice

2023 Cause Ambassador: T. Barb

T.Barb and Friends is a Deroit-based non-profit dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Founded by comedian, Tiffany “T.Barb” Barber in 2020, the organization aims to combat poverty by assisting those hardest hit by economic downfall. Prior to T.Barb’s entertainment ventures, she was a Social Worker for over 14 years and has always felt the need to serve those in need.


2023 Cause Ambassador: Bill Hill

After suffering a stroke in 2021, comedian Bill Hill worked hard to make several lifestyle changes to improve his health. He works to educate others about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise and also shares preventive education on the dangers of unchecked high blood pressure and other factors that can lead to long-term illnesses and/or death. In 2022, he began serving as a community advocate for the Detroit Association of Black Organizations Blood Pressure Matters Campaign funded by Resolve to Save Lives.


2023 Cause Ambassador: Mic Larry

Mic Larry’s 100% Real Fathers organization was birthed in the spirit of him being a single father and needing resources after getting custody of his two children. The goal of the organization is to provide educational and other resources that will assist young men in becoming better fathers.

Hunger Is No Joke!

Food Waste Elimination and Donation Program

Each year millions of pounds of food ends up in landfills and is extremely harmful to the environment. Like many urban metropolis’, Detroit residents experience significant food insecurity. The lack of fresh produce in the inner city and the high cost of food are common factors in this growing problem. According to the Detroit Food Policy Council’s 2019 food metrics report, nearly four in 10 of the city’s residents experienced food insecurity before the pandemic — and many of those residents work in the food and restaurant industries.

To combat this problem, One Mike Detroit along will conduct a monthly waste audit that identifies areas in which we have waste and implement strategies that will improve our bottom line and create less waste over time. In addition, we will partner with local food banks and charities to give away leftovers each week.

We will also host an annual Hunger Is No Joke Comedy Fundraiser that raises funds for local food banks and other organizations that support food sustainability in metro Detroit.